How To Do Laptop Battery Test Properly?

How To Do Laptop Battery Test?

Wonder how to test laptop battery that it still in good condition? Read this article carefully. Let’s discuss laptop battery test in this article.

Batteries often wear out the fastest of all laptop components. The earlier you can detect signs of wear, the better your chance of your computer to extend the battery life. Therefore it is important to learn how to check the health of the battery itself.

Does this sound too technical for an average user like yourself? Do not worry. Register for instructions on how this battery check-up complete the easy way.

How do you rate your computer’s battery life?

Deep in Windows and Mac OS, there are features hidden help see how your notebook battery does. These technical reports are crucial in the battery to assess the general health. But you need to understand some of the jargon or concepts before you can interpret the “Battery Reports”.

Generating battery reports on Windows 7 and above
On Windows, you can easily get one-to-understand report of your battery with a single command. Here’s how:

  • Open the command prompt. Press Windows key + X (or right-click on the Start menu) and click on the Command Prompt option.
  • In command prompt, enter the following command: “powercfg / battery report” and press Enter.
  • The battery report is then saved to the directory of the user account. Use Windows Explorer to find, head to your home directory and open the file.

The battery report is a simple HTML file and you usually see a plurality of sections on it. The first shows the basic specifications of the laptop and the following section shows you about your installed batteries details.


In most cases, however, this part of the report is information for only one battery-the one you are using.

The next section is the most important. Pay special attention to the figures below design capacity, full charge capacity and cycle count numbers. Design capacity is the amount of energy that keeps the battery in theory.

Full charge capacity means the total amount of energy of the battery to keep it actually creates. Of course, the statistics are lower under full load capacity as a design capacity as a result of normal wear and tear on the battery. However, the difference should not be so large. If so, you should not worry.

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In addition, there is the Cycle Count number. It shows how many charge cycles the battery has undergone from the time it was originally used. Note that the battery only way to handle many charging cycles of a laptop computer.

500 the magic number seems to be when it comes to cycle counts to calculate the equivalent may be in about two to three years worth of heavy usage.

Other sections of the report will continue to aid in the diagnosis of the condition of the battery is as follows:

  • Battery consumption is a graph showing how you drained your battery in the last three days of use.
  • Battery capacity of the story shows a comparison of the full charge capacity and design capacity. The former can often lower than the latter in most reports.
  • Current usage shows energy states of the device in the last three days, including how much the battery capacity has expired over time.
  • Use history shows how much time you have left your laptop on battery power and how long it’s connected to a power source output.
  • Battery life estimates points to an estimate of the average battery life of the devices, how will it actually used.

Check the battery status of a Mac computer

For Mac users, the health of your battery evaluation a much easier process. Just hold option down and then click on the icon battery on the menu bar. Look for the “condition” in detail about the drop-down menu that displays each of these battery states:

  • Normal means the battery is working fine.
  • Soon replace means while the battery can work quite well, can it hold less charge than before.
  • Now replace means that the battery performs normally, but it clearly holds less charge than ever.
  • Service battery means that the battery is no longer functioning as it should. You should bring it in to an Apple Store