How to Prolong a Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery Life?

Since its inception in early 1984 in Austin, Texas, Dell has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of branded computers worldwide. Outstanding inclusions such as the Dell Inspiron 1525 continue to please many gaming enthusiasts, heavy Internet browsers, and people who process many documents for work or school.

Unfortunately, running such resource intensive software over time can have a great toll on the performance and life of the black 11.1V, Li-ion, 9 cells Dell Inspiron 1525 battery. This article highlights several key things that you should do, to stem or lower degradation, and prolong the life of your 4400mAh/6600mAh capacity Dell 1525 battery.

If you have a Dell Inspiron 1525 computer that you use to surf the Internet, play your favorite game, or process important documents away from a power outlet, having enough battery power is vital. Nothing is as disheartening as running out of battery power before you complete your project.

To prolong the life of your Dell laptop battery, you’d better make sure that you charge it fully, every time you connect your computer to an electrical outlet. Leaving the charger for longer than needed on your computer will also have the same undesirable effects.

The best way is to monitor the charging process. Keep your Dell computer plugged until the battery icon indicates it is 100% full and then unplug.

The second thing that you should do to prolong the life of your Dell Inspiron 1525 battery is to drain it completely, before recharging it. This simple, but commonly ignored tip can have a significant impact on the performance of your Dell laptop battery.

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Charging your Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop partially (repetitive battery treatment) will lower the life of its Li-ion battery. At times, this behavior can ruin your battery completely.

To avoid the stress and expenses associated with buying a new Dell laptop battery often. Make sure you drain your computer’s battery to around 8% of its capacity (352mAh/528mAh), to keep it working in top condition.

To prolong the life of your Dell 1525 battery, use your computer only when you need it. Make sure your computer auto sleeps or hibernates after four to five minutes of inactivity.

You will save at least an hour’s worth of charge if you hibernate or “rock your computer to sleep,” when you are not using it. In addition, lower the resolution and or brightness of your computer screen to not only increase performance, but also prolong battery life.

Finally, avoid multitasking (if you do not need to) or running multiple applications that hog your computer’s resources. Switch off or disable all unnecessary background programs that affect your computing experience and affect your battery life.

Dell Inspiron 1525 battery tends to heat up if you run resource intensive applications for long. This can get worse during warm summer months or if you live in a temperate environment. Heat can degrade and lower the life of your Dell laptop battery. Cool your laptop often to prevent the damaging effects of excess heat. You can do this is several ways. First, buy a fan tray from your local computer store and use like a permanent computer accessory. Although a contemporary household electric fan can work to some extent, make sure that you target it at the base of your laptop (where the battery is). Do not use your laptop on your mattress, pillow, or anything that traps heat. For better results, clean your laptop’s steel contacts, and fiddle with air conditioning settings of its CPU to save charge and prolong its life.